Become A Strategic Leader.

Make intentional decisions that move you toward the goals and priorities you've set for yourself, your teams, and your organization.

You don't need yet another credential, certification, or someone else's validation.

You already have what you need.

This is not about pretending to know more or be different.

It’s actually easier than what you're doing now.

It comes down to making decisions based on what you want vs reacting to what you don't.

Know yourself. Know your role. Know your leadership-goal.

That’s it.

No pretending, burning out, validation-seeking, or people-pleasing.

You'll learn to stop over-working and strategically focus on the high ROI work.

You'll have clarity on where to focus your energy.

You'll know how to align your teams.

You'll know how to plan for and deal with failure without getting derailed.

You'll do more of the work that matters.

You'll do this without chasing more credentials and certificates, or working twice as hard.

This isn't about pretending to be like someone else or trying on the latest leadership style you read about in the journal.

We know there's a good chance you don't even know when your best thinking gets compromised.

And that’s OK.

Our strategic leadership development framework will guide you to being more strategic everywhere, every day.

Our 3-month group coaching program will alter how you lead yourself and others, even when things aren't going according to plan.

You won't get caught in the usual leadership traps...

The ones that cause the most frustration, wasted effort, and stalled careers:

❖ Ego and validation-seeking

❖ Self-doubt and low self-confidence

❖ Reactive decision-making

❖ Fear-based decision-making

❖ Ego-driven decision-making

❖ Imposter syndrome

❖ Lack of strategic direction

We help you focus your effort and energy where it counts.

Learn skills you'll leverage throughout your career and in any organization, community, or occasion where you want to inspire the best from yourself and others toward a common goal.

We break the program down into three critical development pillars:

Self mastery.

Role mastery.

Leadership-goal mastery.

Bring your best thinking to the work that matters most.

Your time, your choice.

Good. Better. Best.

Our strategic approach to leadership development allows you to manage your time and level of involvement.

You choose and you get to create real results no matter what path you choose from week to week...

Without feeling like you've been left behind or let yourself down!

Watch the intro video to learn more about our approach to leadership development and how our group program gives you the freedom to choose the results you want to create and how much time you want to invest.

How it works.

Our approach to becoming a strategic, intentional leader doesn't start with the premise that you're not enough or that something needs to be "fixed". In fact, most of our clients are already accomplished professionals in their industries, most with advanced degrees, and a series of letters after their names.

The process that I teach you is about keeping your intentional strategy top of mind so that you can be yourself, master the competencies that actually make a difference, and leave behind the pretense and self-doubt that keeps leaders stuck.

What do you get when you cognitive capacity (aka brilliance) is no longer distracted by pretense and just trying to survive?

You get to bring your best thinking to your role as a leader.

The Program

Kickoff -Weekend

Leadership Confidence Intensive


Your program kicks off with the Leadership Confidence Intensive Weekend which serves as your "awareness accelerator".


Confidence and Self-Confidence combine with resilience and failure-planning to begin to shift your relationship with failure and self-perception.


You'll also understand the primary causes of burn out (it has very little to do with the hours you work!) and what to do about it.

Twelve 90-minute sessions over the next 3 months

Know Yourself


The Self-Mastery pillar takes you to the inner work where all of the magic happens.


In addition to uncovering your values and priorities, you get to understand your triggers and your default leadership style to continue to grow your self-awareness.


This pillar is key to distinguishing your current decision drivers and motives and how they either support, conflict or dilute your values.

Know Your Role


The Role Mastery pillar shines a light on what's actually important to excel in your current role or your next role so you can focus on the work that actually matters.


Here you'll discover the key competencies you want to develop in yourself.


You'll accomplish more by focusing and doing less.

Know Your Leadership Goal


The Leadership Goal Mastery pillar has two primary objectives:


Learn to articulate who you are as a leader anytime anywhere.


Like a strategist, you'll create a strategic plan for your career, gain perspective on your staff development needs, and create a plan to minimize actual and perceived roadblocks.

Live Weekly Coaching

Whether you’re getting coached personally or learning from the coaching of others, group coaching is vital in changing how you think and quickly increasing your leadership competencies.

Raise your hand to get input on how to deal with a difficult client or staff member, challenging leadership concepts, managing change, performance issues, transitions, and any career or leadership topic that you're grappling with.

Our Online Connection Portal

Between program sessions, the community gives you an opportunity to share + connect with each other, access session recordings and resources, and a private, encouraging place to discuss challenges and celebrate breakthroughs along the way.

Bonus Courses & Content

The Bad Boss Breakthrough Solution

The 6-week on-demand signature course + worksheets and focused activities help you regain your footing after a setback or toxic experience. This is the course to reclaim your confidence, earning power, and sanity.

How To Handle Criticism - Short Course

Our 30-minute short course on how to think about and respond to the helpful and not-so-helpful critique of others with the exact tactics you can apply immediately.

Core Values Workshop

Everything starts with values... and this workshop helps you work through yours so they can help you make better decisions and keep tabs of what's most important.

Strategic Leadership Bootcamp Recording

In this 5-day course I cover the strategies behind getting strategic, key pitfalls and myths, including why you make decisions that actually work against you what you need to do to always bring your best thinking to your top priorities.

A 20-second look inside the program...

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