The Leadership Confidence Intensive Weekend

What if...

You could get out of your own way?

At LCI Weekend you go beyond looking and acting confident to developing REAL self-confidence from the inside out.

No more "fake it 'til you make it".

Get equipped to lead yourself and others in any situation.

Your are an accomplished professional.

You don't need yet another credential, certification, or someone else's validation.

You already have what you need.

We teach you to get strategic about how you use it.

Who This Program Is For:

Do you second guess yourself despite your capabilities and credentials?

Is fear of failure and what others think paralyzing your decision-making and limiting your impact?

Do you hold back and hide in certain meetings and with certain people?

Is self-doubt sabotaging your progress and keeping you stuck where you are?

Do you want to learn to confidently lead yourself and your team through any change?

✔ Key Benefits:

✔ Build real confidence so that you're no longer relying on "faking it" and luck

✔ Learn to manage yourself and others despite self-doubt and uncertainty

✔ Break the imposter syndrome cycle

✔ Think, strategize, & implement like a leader

✔ Receive live coaching and input from your weekend mastermind group

Open to professionals with 10+ years of professional work experience.

No pretending, burning out, validation-seeking, or people-pleasing.

You'll learn to stop over-working and strategically focus on the high ROI work.

You'll have clarity on where to focus your energy.

You'll know how to align your teams.

You'll know how to plan for and deal with failure without getting derailed.

You'll do more of the work that matters.

You'll do this without chasing more credentials and certificates, or working twice as hard.

This isn't about pretending to be like someone else or trying on the latest leadership style you read about in the journal.

We know there's a good chance you don't even know when your best thinking gets compromised.

And that’s OK.

Enroll now for the April 29th and 30th intensive.

9am to 1pm PST / 12pm to 4pm EST




Corporate Strategist

Empowerment Enthusiast

Executive Leadership Coach

A Word From Asia

Your ability to show up and lead authentically and in a way that's unapologetically you will not only enrich your career and life, but it creates a wave that quickly elevates how you lead yourself and your teams, and the impact you have on the lives of those around you!


Bottom line, I help accomplished professionals become influential, sought-after leaders without overworking, people-pleasing, or selling their souls!

As seen in:

Our participants love us


"I had multiple "aha" moments of self-awareness and took lots of nuggets of wisdom, which I was able to apply right away, including the idea of failure planning as a great way to move forward and combat imposter syndrome. I enjoyed the content of the sessions, the expert coaching from Asia and the opportunity to share with other very diverse and equally inspiring participants."

- N., Senior Leader


"Asia brings incredible insight and energy to her Leadership Confidence Intensive, and a level of transparency that I am not accustomed to when attending courses like these. I can't express how refreshing it was to be present in an environment that was engaging, informative and in EVERY way empowering. The course was 2 days, 4 hours each day, and I don't regret one minute of my attendance! It was absolutely incredible!"

- A., Non-Profit Director


"It is not often that I encounter a workshop on leadership that I gain new insights that immediately shift my way of thinking and behavior. Asia is exceptional in her content and delivery."

- D., CEO of Tech Firm

Personal and professional leadership effectiveness hinge on having real self-confidence in order to make the empowered decisions that drive your results, impact, peace-of-mind, success, and ability to influence the best from your teams.



- Attend the first session and Cancel if You're Not Satisfied.

It's that simple.

What you'll learn

The Leadership Confidence Intensive delivers the learning, practicum, and tools you need to feel as confident as you look.

This weekend will put an end to selling yourself short, silencing your ideas, holding yourself back from opportunities, and giving in to doubt and fear vs being guided by what's actually important to you.


From Failure to Full-On Confidence - Think Like A Leader

How to think like a leader and transform any failure or setback immediately! We're not easing in, we're going right to a strategy that you'll use for the rest of the weekend and the rest of your career!


Values, Confidence & Self-Confidence

Develop a new understanding of each so that you can focus your attention where it matters most and make decisions based on the results you most want to create for yourself and your teams.


Creating Resilience

Every intentional strategy has at it’s core a failure plan, and you’re going to create one for your biggest priorities while we’re together so that when set-backs occur (and they will!), you fail forward!


From Judgement To Curiosity

Break free of your secret rule books and decide what is actually important to you and how you want it to inform your leadership choices and relationships - this is where you learn to wholeheartedly accept yourself and others right now and at the same time become irresistible to others. Yes, really!


Obliterate Imposter Syndrome

Here’s where you learn not only what you’re doing that’s fueling the imposter experience, but how to stop. You’ll learn to create real self-confidence so you can squash self-doubt and focus your energy on your priorities.


Managing In - Stop The Burnout

This is where you learn how to get all of your credentials, expertise, and brilliance to pay off. You'll understand why overworking, people-pleasing, and validation-seeking never seem to improve your confidence and how to use that knowledge to keep the tendency to "do too much" in check.

Plus you'll receive these limited-time bonuses:


This is the on-demand course that helps participants regain their confidence, earning power, and sanity after dealing with a toxic or disempowering environment and extended periods of "playing small". ($497 value)

Learning AND Doing!

The practicum aspect of the LCI Weekend is unique and ensures that you truly internalize what you learn and apply the tools by putting them to use and creating a customized strategy to take with you.


When do we meet?

Daily Schedule:

✔ 9am to 1pm Pacific

✔ 12pm to 4pm Eastern

What do I need to prepare?

The only preparation needed is your attention and willingness to stay engaged and apply what you learn. Your attention and engagement will make for a more effective learning environment for you and all of your fellow participants.


We know you'll love it, but if you don't after attending the first day, request a refund and we'll part as friends. No shows will not receive a refund but may attend a future session.

For Experienced Professionals

The LCI Weekend is designed for professionals with over 10 years of professional work experience. Relevant for all industries and levels.